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Metal Detector Modification for Garrett Ace 150 250 350 to Display the Audio Tones onto an LED Display











This LED display module will display the audio tones from the metal detector graphically onto an LED panel. Each tone and combination of tones is displayed onto the multicoloured LED display in real time as you detect. 

This LED display module is water resistant and can be used with both headphones and the normal detector’s display panel to aid in identification.

To use both headphones and the LED display module you will need the supplied stereo splitter to two 3.5mm sockets. One socket is used for the headphones and the other to connect to the LED display module. 
 This addition to a detector therefore does not invalidate any manufacturers warranty.


The LED display module is comprised of 64 LEDs and measures approximately 10x7x5cm weighing around 200g. The LED display module has a 3.5mm audio socket to connect to the detector via the 3.5mm audio cable supplied and a micro USB socket for charging the internal 2Ah battery with the cable provided. Charging takes approximately 5 to 6 hours. 

Below is the actual LED display module displaying the spectrum obtained when the audio frequencies of the normal human hearing range are played through it:

This illustrates that the LED display module has the potential to differentiate between different metal detector audio tones.

The following video demonstrates the LED spectrum generated for Gold, Silver and Steel along with the sound tones from a Garrett Ace 250. There are two (2) repeats for each metal in turn:

As well as complimenting the audio and standard detectors display panel this additional LED display module would also benefit the deaf or the hearing impaired.

The following video demonstrates how to attach the LED module to a metal detector with the supplied fittings:

This LED display module adds another dimension to metal detecting and with time the detectorist may be able to interpret the LED spectrum displayed to aid in identification.

Please see photos in the Photo Album link above for some of the finds whilst using this LED Module.

There are two models available RED GREEN BLUE (RGB Left below) and RED YELLOW GREEN BLUE (RYGB right below).



 Please contact me for availability


To assist with securing the LED module, included is a reusable velcro type strap fastener and self adhesive velcro strips.




To maintain optimal settings it is important not to allow the internal battery to completely discharge.
Please charge weekly if not being used.

There is no "Off Switch" on this device and it will occasionally flash when charging.
In the unlikely event that this flashes when detector is not on or the audio lead connected please change settings to Low Sensitivity following the instructions below.

In the unlikely event that a change in sensitivity is observed please follow these reset instructions:

Remove the four screws and carefully lift cover by a couple of centimeters only to prevent damaging connected cables.
On the underside of the right side is a function button which can be used to reset the flash rate and sensitivity. 
Press the function key for 1 second to change between three display modes:

F: quick flash rate
S2: medium flash rate
S1: slow flash rate

Press the function key for 2 seconds to change between three sensitivity modes:

L: Low sensitivity
M: Medium sensitivity

H: High sensitivity

Carefully re-assemble after reset and do not over tighten screws


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